Ball Gown Wedding Dresses of cornets and a 21gun salute

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Dunkin to pay donut Bridesmaid Gowns 2014 tribute to royal wedding Royal weddings have inspired hollywood movies and tv specials, and the impending nuptials between prince william and kate middleton may also be prompting a rare culinary tribute from dunkin' donuts. The cantonbased coffeeandbakedgoods chain routinely augments its regular menu with seasonal offerings tied to traditional holidays, but a donut to honor a cultural event such as the royal wedding scheduled for april 29 in great britain seems to be pretty special indeed. (The prince and his bridetobe are shown at right in an ap file photo. ) A dunkin' spokeswoman could not immediately recall the last time that the chain had marked such an occasion with the culinary equivalent of a flourish Ball Gown Wedding Dresses of cornets and a 21gun salute dunkin' historians are now ransacking the archives to determine whether the royal wedding donut is setting a precedent. So why all the fuss from a new england chain over a royal wedding in the uk?In an email, the spokeswoman noted that nigel travis, the chief executive of the chain's parent company, is Evening Dresses Australia british born and bred and"Especially excited for the big day. " For the record, dunkin' describes the royal wedding donut as a heartshaped donut filled with jelly and sublimed with vanilla icing and a chocolate drizzle.Whew!A combo like that might require a reworking of that royal observation: "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche" "Let them eat cake"To"Qu'ils mangent de la donut. " In any event, plans call for the royal wedding donut to be offered from april 24 through april 29 at participating dunkin' donuts restaurants throughout the united states at a suggested retail price of 89 cents. (At least one dd jumped the gun and was selling the royal wedding donut as of yesterday.And who could blame them? ) Not to be outdone, dunkin's sister chain, baskinrobbins, is introducing a commemorative royal wedding ice cream cake topped with white and blue roses.Its design, according to the chain, is meant to be"Reminiscent of an english garden. " In the past, baskinrobbins has introduced flavors tied to cultural events such as"Lunar cheesecake,"Which celebrated the landing of astronauts on the moon, and"Beatle nut,"Which sought to express the beatle mania that ran rampant during the 1960s in ice cream form, the company spokeswoman said.

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