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Hillwood ready to get to work at cecil commerce center Hillwood ready to get to work at cecil commerce center Dallas based hillwood investment properties is there to hit the ground running as master developer at cecil commerce center, with hopes that businesses and jobs it attracts as tenants will rival those of its developments in two other states. With the city's expected signing of a legal contract with hillwood in coming weeks, the marketing of the industrial/warehouse park as allianceflorida will start, the company's second in command said tuesday. Allianceflorida will join airfield oriented alliance projects in carolina and texas, h.Preston herold claims.Since their beginnings alliancecalifornia in 2001 and alliancetexas in the 1980s the two have attracted a bevy of national and global tenants such as american airlines inc, mattel corporation, general electrical power co, the lego corporation, kohl's corp, fedex corp, bell heli textron inc, hyundai motor unit co, kraft your things inc, normal motors and ford motor co. "We're hoping to be on the job in one or two weeks, herold being spoken. "We're very excited to, In every, allianceflorida is within the $1.3 billion in construction, He was quoted saying. "You'll gladly know that the city won't be funding any of that, he was quoted saying. "It's all on us to raise the main town, And that underscores the business's belief in the jacksonville area, he was quoted saying. "We think jacksonville as a whole is situated geographically and demographically to serve the southeast, he was quoted saying. The project's master plan features tire maker bridgestone group and battery manufacturer saft groupe Cheap Pandora Charms sa at the middle of a sprawling project that provides more than 30 million square feet in industrial and mixed use buildings. "We have to get these areas ready for development, so we can jump when the Pandora Enamel Beads industry turns, he was quoted saying. And it could be an economic shot in the arm for jacksonville when the project gets up, he explained.Alliancecalifornia, to one, has attracted 11 companies and has had the san bernadino, calif, area 4, 000 perform, he was quoted saying. Herold spoke at a luncheon for real Pandora 2014 estate women(Staff), The the city of the town of jacksonville chapter of a national network that counts more than 8, 000 real estate professionals as its members, In a CREW brochure.Hillwood already has named cb rich ellis group inc.As your opportunity agent for allianceflorida, and herold encouraged the group look into recruiting tenants.

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